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The Four Deadly Symptoms of an Ineffective Careers Site


Is your careers site engaging candidates? Are you driving jobseekers to hit ‘apply’?

Your careers site plays a key role in attracting candidates to apply for an opportunity with you. But what if your careers site isn’t delivering what you and your candidates need? Here are the four careers site symptoms you need to mend…

  1. Your careers site doesn’t tell candidates anything

Aiming to increase direct applications? Then your careers site must show jobseekers why your organisation is a great place to work.

Your careers pages are the perfect tools to capture potential candidates’ imaginations. From embedding recruitment videos to displaying quotes from your team members, the sky is the limit. Demonstrate your day-to-day working culture, explain what makes you unique in your industry, promote your staff benefits and perks.

It’s also important to use your careers site to manage applicants’ expectations. Promote the positives of working for your organisation, but don’t be unrealistic. Being transparent on what life is really like at your organisation could increase the numbers of applicants who are a strong cultural fit, so be clear in the expectations you set.

Action: Review your careers pages to ensure they reflect your vision and values. If you think they could be improved, consider talking to a recruitment marketing or employer branding specialist.

  1. Your careers site doesn’t look like you

If your careers site doesn’t reflect your company branding, you may find candidates dropping off it.

Picture it: Your candidate has come across your corporate website and engaged with your brand; your values have resonated with them, they feel a connection with your people and the service or products you deliver looks like a good fit for them.

They then navigate to your careers site to find no trace of that brand. Not only is there now a risk that your candidate will feel a sense of mistrust and disconnection, but it can also suggest that you’re less invested in your career opportunities and recruitment process than in other areas of the business.

And it simply doesn’t look professional. If you’re dedicating time to develop and deliver a strong employer brand, it should be consistent across all of your channels. If it isn’t, your brand could potentially be undermined.

Action: Consider whether your careers site needs a redesign to ensure a consistent style with your corporate brand. Your recruitment software supplier should be able to help here, so get in contact with them.

  1. Your careers site is difficult to navigate

Careers sites need to be inviting and engaging, but they also need to be functional and accessible to candidates.

How visible is your ‘Apply now’ button? How intuitive is your vacancy search mechanism? Are you clear on how candidates should apply – via email, an online application form or a CV drop?

What about mobile candidates? What you can do to make life easier for them? Consider options such as ‘Apply via LinkedIn’ – this can be quicker than completing an application form, particularly if clumsy fingers have to navigate miniature boxes and drop-downs.

Action: In order to determine how intuitive your user journey is, undertake some user testing. Look at the site from a jobseeker’s perspective. Is it simple to navigate and use?

  1. Your careers site sends candidates on an ‘infinite loop’

Infinite loops are those website glitches that don’t allow a candidate to go anywhere. Let’s say your candidate is asked to select an option from a drop-down menu, but there are no choices to select. The question is mandatory, so the candidate has to choose an option. But there aren’t any – so the candidate can’t progress to the next stage of the application.

Issues like these can be incredibly frustrating and, ultimately, leave a candidate unable to apply to complete an application with your organisation.

Action: Again, talk to your recruitment software supplier. They should be able to rectify any bugs or glitches on your careers site.

Engaging, accessible, on-brand and loop-free

Tick these boxes, and you’ll ensure your careers site is helping increase your rate of direct applications, enhancing your candidate engagement and helping you to stand out from other employers in your industry.


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