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Four Reasons Why the Digital Age Has Yet to Revolutionise Recruitment


The internet allows recruiters to reach a much bigger pool of candidates, as well as helping candidates find out about a greater number of jobs. LinkedIn has more than 200 million users and is adding one new user every second, which is hardly surprising; and with 70% of the US workforce disengaged and 74% of employees willing to consider alternative jobs, LinkedIn’s membership will surely keep growing.

However, the digital age has yet to revolutionise recruitment. Most companies still complain about a shortage of talent and are unable to fill key positions despite spending vast sums on recruitment (including LinkedIn) and despite fairly high unemployment rates. Here are four reasons for the slower-than-expected transformation of the recruitment industry:

1. You can only predict what you can measure

The essence of recruitment is prediction – providing an accurate forecast of a candidate’s likelihood of performing well in the future. Yet most organisations lack reliable systems for measuring employees’ performance, which explains why many employers simply hire the people they like. The result is a game of untested predictions, which turns recruitment into a leap of faith. It’s the equivalent of investing a great deal of money in weather forecasts without subsequently paying attention to the actual weather.