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Friend or Foe? New Survey Reveals What We Really Think About Our Bosses


New research has revealed more than 50% of people have felt bullied by a boss throughout their careers and a huge 45% don’t see their boss as a friend.

The survey of more than 1,000 employees was carried out by UK printing supply company, TonerGiant.

When asked what we are most likely to do in order to impress our boss, problem solving came out on top, with 24% of employees doing this to win bosses over. Pay is the subject UK employees find the most difficult to discuss with their bosses, followed closely by mental health – with 21% of 25-34 year olds admitting this was particularly hard.

The top five most difficult topics to discuss are:

  • Pay – 19%
  • Mental health – 15%
  • Personal/family life – 14%
  • Workplace bullying – 9%
  • Meeting/missing deadlines – 7%

On a more positive note, more than half of UK employees (51%) believe their current boss can help them achieve their career dreams and 31% see them as good leaders. The survey also asked the public which celebrity figures they thought would make the best boss:

  • Sir Alan Sugar – 20%
  • Jeremy Corbyn – 16%
  • Elon Musk – 11%
  • Boris Johnson – 11%
  • Donald Trump – 7%

Ever wondered what Trump’s business might card might look like? In support of the survey, TonerGiant has also mocked up some celebrity business cards which you can view here:

Marketing manager for TonerGiant, Stuart Deavall commented:

“Our relationships with our bosses and how we conduct/present ourselves in business triggered an interest for us as it is a huge part of what we do. The way we market ourselves is important, and the business cards shed a humorous light on how this can be done. We couldn’t resist imagining what the business cards of famous bosses might look like.”


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