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Friendships at Work: the Vital Performance Catalyst


If there’s one term that sums up current internal corporate jargon, it’s ‘engagement’. And yet, with 7 out of 10 workers saying that they don’t love their jobs, the buzz word might be more appropriately ‘dis-engagement.’

The image of a zombie-like horde of disinterested employees is more than just unnerving from a mental imagery perspective. It also translates into a range of financial issues for employers. There is a great deal of research into the field but the most common statistic comes from Gallup, which has found that ‘more engaged staff can result in 147 per cent higher EPS (earnings per share)’.

Firms are evidently keen and ready to embrace positive change. However, whilst leadership teams may talk about the goal of transforming disengaged staff into energised, passionate and emotionally engaged super-workers, the reality is that the average employee is already spent.