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The Future of Recruitment Advertising (Remember Where you Read it First)…


This article was submitted by Talentscape

20 years ago, Steve Hankin of McKinsey & Company coined the term “The War for Talent”. But Hankin could scarcely have imagined the talent market and recruitment environment of today.

Here in 2018, organisations work in a truly global landscape: where leaner HR and Recruitment teams struggle to keep pace with or harmonise their internal requirements and the realities of the external talent markets; where skills shortages are a fact of recruiting life in all sectors, for most skillsets; where start-ups can compete (and win) against the might of established brands; where social media is bringing radical transparency to every talent transaction; where millennials are shunning traditional career models to seek journeys, not jobs; where the gig economy is fundamentally changing our understanding of the meaning of employment; and where AI and robotics are changing the very perception of work itself.

This makes ‘today’ the most challenging time in history to resource the ‘right’ people. in-house Resourcing teams face forces beyond their control (Scarcity of Skills, Brexit, The Apprenticeship Levy), embrace ‘The New’ (Programmatic Advertising, AI, Big Data) – and are tasked to attract and retain the five generations of workers now in the workplace.

The team at Talentscape know from first-hand experience how different organisations in different sectors are harnessing the power of new methodologies – and taking the opportunity to both innovate and future proof their talent practice. This week, we’re going to look at three of the service offerings that are genuinely transforming recruitment in the face of quite exceptional change.

Tomorrow, we’ll study how Programmatic Advertising is ushering in a new age that, for the very first time, enables you to programme individual job ads and wider recruitment campaigns to search for relevant candidates, rather than relying on candidates searching for your ads. This means you can now reach the passive as well as the active audiences, by putting a targeted ad in front of the people you really want to talk to, across social media, news portals and lifestyle websites as well as recruitment sites – building a pipeline of candidates based on their profile and online behaviour, rather than relying on the ‘post and pray’ hit and miss of traditional job boards and aggregators.

Programmatic Advertising is completely new – unlike Video, which we’ll be exploring on Wednesday. Video as a recruitment medium has been around for decades, but now it’s about to take over much of the attraction and onboarding. Why? Because people (and society at large) now want to ‘watch it’ rather than ‘read it’: and the digital age has now given us the platforms and devices to make it happen. We’ll finish the week by looking deeper into the recruitment cycle, into the Hiring Manager stage – and show how Managers can secure the candidate (and protect their organisation) by understanding Unconscious Bias and the importance of Interview Style, Documentation and Feedback, as well as continuing to sell the Employment Brand and deliver an exceptional Candidate Experience throughout the interview process.

It’s going to be a fascinating week and if you want to know more, just drop a line to the talentscape team at