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Gender Equality (the Impact of Children on Gender Parity) #GdnGenderEquality


Following on from my recent blog on gender equality (prevalence and pay), this particular part of the research is very close to my heart – namely how does having a family impact on gender parity in the workplace? Guardian Jobs commissioned a survey to find out, with some very interesting results.

Work-life balance, children and careers

Regardless of whether people have children or not, a work-life balance is hugely important to the UK workforce (86% agree) and it is unsurprising that this continues after having children with 80% of women and 73% of men stating that “spending time with my family is more important to me than my job”.

One interesting aspect is how having children appears to change the long term career focus of genders, with the majority of men (42%) saying that having children made them focus on ‘achieving success to support their family’, whereas the majority of women (43%) said it made them ‘refocus on family values, rather than individual success’.