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Gender Pay Gap Reporting Deadline – Industry Commentary


As the midnight deadline looms for companies on reporting obligations on gender pay gap, experts share there comments.

Jane Crosby of the law firm Hart Brown Comments:

“Employers with 250 employees or more have already begun to publish their gender pay gap information on the government’s gender pay gap data website and have until Wednesday  midnight deadline to submit the information.

Employers must also publish their gender pay gap information on their own website and must retain the information online for three years. The online portal displays the mandatory information required by the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations.

The Regulations do not contain any specific sanction for non-compliance but the Equality and Human Rights Commission may be able to use its existing powers under the Equality Act

This is a positive step to addressing the issue and on the  BBC;“Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to tackle the “burning injustice” of the UK’s gender pay gap – the difference between the average earnings of men and women.””

Petra Wilton, director of strategy for the Chartered Management Institute, said:

“The clock is quickly ticking down for large employers to report their gender pay gap data. With more than 2,000 companies still to report, all eyes will be on those that fail to make the midnight deadline. Reporting is the first step in tackling the gender pay gap, a priority business issue that is holding us all back. Gender-balanced companies outperform their peers, and equal representation in the workforce would add billions to the UK economy.

“The data so far tell the familiar story of the so-called ‘glass pyramid’ – women outnumbering men in the lower-paid quartiles, with far fewer at the top in higher-paid management and leadership roles. Our research shows that male managers are 40% more likely to be promoted than their female counterparts. Just one in four managers say that their fellow managers and senior leaders champion actively champion gender diversity initiatives.

“While we’re starting to see change, progress is stuttering. Employers have great intentions but as the pay gap data show, there’s still a yawning gap between the corporate rhetoric and the reality of work for too many women. Leaders and their managers need to fix the ‘broken windows’ – the range of everyday biased attitudes, actions and practices that make possible the bigger systemic problems, like the gender pay gap, that women face. Only then will organisations build inclusive cultures where both women and men can thrive.”


Steve Wainwright, Managing Director, EMEA of Skillsoft:

“The causes of the gender pay gap are complex. It’s not simply about being a man or a woman.  The root cause of the disparity is often simply that there are a greater proportion of men than women in senior roles.  This is a key challenge that many organisations need to address.  However, tapping into this talent requires changes across the board.  This includes adapting behaviour, process and the culture within an organisation.  Companies have had some success by fostering greater senior leader accountability, by becoming less biased in decision-making processes and by changing their cultures to be more inclusive.  In reality, however, there is often a lot of talk and little action.  Ultimately, the fact that a gender pay gap still exists in 2018 is disappointing.  Progress is being made – but there’s still work to be done.”





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