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Germany proves an attractive proposition for technology professionals from its European neighbours


Increasing numbers of niche technology professionals from not only Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain, but also from Eastern Europe, are leaving their homeland and moving to Germany to increase their career opportunities and quality of life. That’s according to the niche technology specialists, European Recruitment.

The Eurozone crisis has undoubtedly fuelled this to some degree. However the recent spike in movement can be attributed more so to a desire to not only increase remuneration packages, but also to work in the rapidly advancing mobile field. Ed Jackson, Manager of European Recruitment, commented:

“Whilst we are certainly seeing professionals moving en masse from the heavily impacted Eurozone countries, this is not a new phenomenon. Spain, for instance, witnessed a mass exodus of unemployed professionals as early as 2011 when its economy was in the doldrums. What we can safely say is that in the hugely popular and rapidly advancing mobile technology field, Germany – where professionals can not only secure long term career prospects, but also work on cutting edge technology products – is proving an attractive proposition.  We are placing professionals who work on every part of your smartphone, from intricate nano details within the chipset to the graphical design and interface. This covers our immediate future with 4G but also conceptual roles with 5G and beyond in mind. This work attracts the best, and creates very lucrative rates.

Jackson also notes that organisations are capitalising on this trend as we increasingly operate within a more globally mobile workforce:

“Where historically individuals worked close to home, today we are seeing global mobility at its best. Our clients, who may have previously struggled to source local talent, are now finding the skills and experience they require on a pan European basis. The will and desire to cross borders to secure coveted positions is today’s norm and has opened up huge opportunities to businesses in relation to their talent attraction, not to mention, pipelining strategies”.