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How to Get the Best From a Recruitment Agency


Sometimes recruitment companies are treated as ‘just the middle-man’ but with the right approach, a recruiter can really empower and support you with your on-going employment needs. Dan Barfoot, Operations Manager at CMD Recruitment, explains how to get the best from your recruitment company.

There are two types of people who work with recruitment agencies, the ones who ‘get it’ and engage to make progress, and the ones that have an ‘arm’s length’ relationship, which can be counter-productive to their aims. This applies to both candidates who are looking for a job through a recruitment agency and clients, who need staff.

It stands to reason that the closer you work with those working on your behalf, the higher the probability of accuracy, success and solutions. In that collaborative spirit, here are a few tips on developing a better working relationship with your recruitment agency.

Keep the conversation going

Recruiters often work very hard behind the scenes, matching up job roles with the right people. They will email opportunities to potential candidates, for example, or make pro active suggestions about roles. When this happens – many recipients decide not to respond to the email. That’s disappointing, because unlike automated spam that clutters inboxes, these opportunities have been ‘hand-picked’ and matched specifically with credentials, they are person specific and carefully considered.

Even if the recruitment consultant finds a position that you don’t want to pursue, by acknowledging the recruiter, who is reaching out to you, you have the chance to offer feedback on what’s important in a suitable role. This means the recruiter can be more accurate in matching up roles in the future and is more likely to share them with you when they come up.

When candidates do decide that it’s time to look for a new role, they may have already missed their dream job if they decided not to tell the recruiter their career desires at an earlier time.

Clients too, can benefit from checking on who’s out there, as they might not be available in the future. Keeping the communication flowing is the best way to keep recruiters aware of your business needs, which in turn allows recruiters to do the best job possible for you.

Ensure changes are up to date

If you are a company that has developed and has new staff benefits or a new department – please remember to inform the recruiter, who can use this information to help you. For example, it might allow the recruiter to cast a wider net when looking for good candidates, or they can use the information as leverage to make the company more appealing when explaining the role to candidates. Part of the job of the recruitment company is communicating the virtues of a business, so that is why they need to be kept updated of changes that add appeal to potential employees.

Candidates should also be aware of their CVs, which need to be up to date. And while this may sound obvious, there are times when CVs are stored on a database and left there, so they might be years old and exclude recent, important details like a new qualification or achievement, that can make all the difference for getting that interview.

Know what you want

Be concise and precise with what you want. Consider and describe exactly what you are looking for. It will pay off by excluding options that don’t fit or work for you. This stage is all about mapping out details. For example, if you are a candidate – understand and communicate what you want from salary, working conditions, geographical location, type of business and not just what you want but what you will count out. For a business – be clear on the level of experience you want, any qualifications that are essentials, personality traits and the qualities you would like to see. Draw out a ‘must have’ list and a ‘would like to have’ list. It will narrow down the candidate list and save you time and money.

CMD Recruitment specialises in recruitment for Industrial and Commercial placements for permanent, part time and contractual work in the South West. 


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