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Getting to the Bottom of Technology in Recruitment


Has technology transformed the way you recruit?

Social media, applicant tracking systems, video interviews, keyword analysis and CV parsing are just a few of the technologies that form part of today’s UK recruitment landscape.

But just how many companies are using which tools? Having tried some of these tools, were the benefits convincing? What major pain points in the recruitment process still need to be solved? How much does each stage of the recruitment process cost, both in man hours and cold hard cash? Which sectors are making the best use of technology? And how do you compare to your peers?

These are just some of the questions you can find answers to when you participate in the Hireday (a disruptive recruitment technology) and the Institute of Recruiters survey. The findings will reveal the extent to which the industry has adopted technology and how recruitment is being shaped by these emerging tools. You’ll also discover where you stand in the recruitment tools landscape and where best to direct your time and money.