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Getting your Career Site Right


There are simple rules that must be adhered to if you want to attract the winning candidates on your career site – stun with your visuals, wow with the ease of navigation, and make the content interesting and relevant. Listing vacancies is an essential element of any career website, but it shouldn’t be the only element. Candidates will only become future employees if you have been able to sell your organisation from the get-go. Let’s start with the basics:

  1. Branding – your career site should echo the look and feel of your corporate site. You already have a recognisable brand (or should have) and ensuring your career site is easily recognisable is the first thing to get right.
  2. The latest vacancies – this might sound obvious, but not having all available positions live on your organisation is an epic fail. Just as bad is leaving old roles lingering on the vacancy list – if a position is closed, make sure it’s not on your career site. Candidates are savvy and will not be impressed if a role either looks like it has not been filled or, through laziness or oversight, remains on the site long after it’s no longer live.
  3. The hook – what is it about your company that will entice candidates to apply for your roles? Have you set-out the values and ethics of your organisation? What benefits do you offer your employees?
  4. Let your employees speak for you – employee ambassadors are an incredible asset for your company. Embedding professional videos with staff testimonials, highlighting why they joined the company and what them there will get candidates applying for your vacancies in greater numbers rather than publishing a few lines from the CEO about how amazing your company is.
  5. Be social – job seekers, especially the millennial generation, are quick to research and pose questions via social media – ensure future employees can communicate easily with your recruitment team – quick, informed and intelligent responses will make a lasting and incredibly positive impression.
  6. Easy applications – job seekers apply for a lot of jobs. Making your application process as simple and painless as possible ensures candidates will see the application process through to conclusion.
  7. Be perfect – mistakes will be noted. Ensuring every facet of your career site is in order is essential. Careless errors will drive candidates to the competition.

Your future employees will start their job hunt on Google. They might not necessarily be looking for your company but your job is to make sure they find you – your next task, get the SEO right. A career website should have beautiful copy, be keyword rich (but not saturated) and search engine friendly. The intricacies of search engine optimisation are beyond the scope of this article, but the basics must include intelligently placed content, optimised headings, URLs, new and engaging content, and SEO images and videos.

A career website is often the first interaction candidates will have with an organisation – they have to be impressed if you’re going to win them over. Many companies overlook the importance of getting a career site right, losing potential employees as a result. Make the most of your career site and let it sell to the future of employees of your growing organisation.

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