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Good Day At Work Conversation 2015: Movember Foundation Partners With Organisational Psychology Experts, Robertson Cooper


Organisational psychology experts, Robertson Cooper, have partnered with leading global men’s health organisation, the Movember Foundation to challenge perceptions about health and wellbeing. Today, the partnership will launch the Good Day At Work Conversation 2015, the world’s most influential wellbeing event, to grow the conversation – and to put wellbeing firmly on the corporate and public agenda.

Since 2003, the month of Movember has reminded us of the importance of the potentially life-saving conversations surrounding men’s health. Now, the global movement is teaming up with Robertson Cooper to continue the health and wellbeing conversation all year round. Using Good Day At Work as a platform, Robertson Cooper and the Movember Foundation are seizing the unique opportunity to reframe society’s expectations around health and wellbeing. The partnership is encouraging more of us to take a more proactive approach to our wellbeing at work and calling upon businesses to create the right environment to enable this.

About the partnership, Sir Professor Cary Cooper, Founder of Robertson Cooper and President of the Good Day At Work movement said:

“For too long, conversations about wellbeing have focused on the negatives: we feel stressed at work; we work long hours; men are more likely to suffer in silence about their health. But the Good Day At Work Conversation 2015 is about helping people understand that they should want to feel more than just ‘not stressed’ or ‘not ill’. Together with the Movember Foundation, we are starting the conversation that asks how we can create a society in which people want to feel happy, healthy and thriving in their day-to-day lives.”

The Good Day At Work Conversation is asking businesses to give permission for more health-based conversations to happen – inviting the whole person into the workplace, freeing them up to allow them to better express their emotions. It’s this honesty that is at the heart of the movement.

At the event today, Kevin Roberts, Executive Chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi, seeks to explore how we embed this idea into business culture in practical terms:

“We need to start by looking at the role of business – which is to make the world a better place for everyone. This is why I put love and business to together, because love is the most powerful enhancer in any context. The job is to diffuse this purpose through organisations, and it’s not about communication. It’s about inspiration. It’s about emotion. It’s about passion that infects people with belief and gets them involved.”

But is this relevant for all businesses?

Robertson Cooper Managing Director, Ben Moss, argues it is but highlights the need to have conversations about readiness for wellbeing within the workplace:

“When you set out to look at wellbeing in an integrated way, it’s all too easy to start planning activities without properly considering this idea of readiness. That is to say, anticipating areas in which change would be desirable, but ultimately unsuccessful because people or the business as a whole are not ready. Readiness is about looking beyond your immediate surroundings and considering the evolving business – its culture, its direction and its context. All of these are critically important in any conversation about what it means to ‘be ready’ for wellbeing.”

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