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Takeover takes guess work out of recruitment

A YORKSHIRE company is set to revolutionise professional recruitment following its acquisition of Irish based Accelerated Sales which will make it the sole UK licence holder for a unique digital person profiling tool.

Momentum Sales Solutions which has offices in Bradford, Huddersfield and Leeds acquired the Irish based company from Irish entrepreneur Kieran Horan in a deal worth £25k as part of its strategy to develop its professional management recruitment beyond its northern heartland.

It will enable the West Yorkshire company to help businesses cut the guess work out of a process that can be expensive both financially and in time wasted while at the same time embedding best practice within ambitious sales lead businesses.

The digital profiling tool was developed in the United States by The Objective Management Group and has become internationally used.

Billy Bingham, is director of Momentum Sales Solutions, he explained:

“Recruitment can be a minefield.  Even 21st century innovations have failed to eradicate some of the guesswork that still exists.  Companies are asked to invest a lot of time and money to find the best, yet ultimately much is taken on gut feeling and trust.

“The Objective Management Group have developed the salesforce specific profiling tool to assess applicants from the beginning of the process.  It enables us to read the DNA of a candidate and see how closely they match the employer’s needs.  The insight provided saves our clients time and money and prevents them making recruitment errors that will later come back to haunt them.

“It means we can get to shortlist quicker, but at the same time be more certain that those few candidates who go before the company are exactly suited to the client’s specification.

But the acquisition will also allow the ambitious company which has just expanded to Park Valley House, Huddersfield to support existing sales teams grow their business.

“Another key plank of our business is sales training and coaching so that companies can grow,” explained MD, Pete Evans.  “The Objective Management tool is fantastic at the beginning of the journey to enable clients to see if they have got the right people on the correct roles within their organisations.

“Using this kind of profiling helps us work alongside clients and plan focused training so that their existing teams achieve their maximum potential.  At the same time we can identify any weak performers or if they are simply round pegs in square holes.

“We are an ambitious company, determined to offer a unique improved recruitment and coaching service to clients.  We have been using this tool for some time through Accelerated Sales.  When the chance to buy it came along we jumped at the chance,” said Mr Bingham.  “Momentum Sales Solutions has already grown its internal and field teams and this will take us to another level,” he added.


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