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A survey on the Indian IT-BPM sector has found that internet hiring will increase by about 6% from last year. The improved economic climate worldwide and the rise in technological expenditure are expected to cause the increase in recruitment. With focus on skills instead of capacity building, SMEs might drive the growth in hiring to 7-8%.

The industry is focusing more keenly on lateral hiring these days as the demand is more for domain-specific abilities and niche skills. Digital skills spanning analytics, mobile, and the cloud are shaping industry demands today.

Leveraging Technology  in HR value chain  will prove effective, as solutions on offer today are expected to bring clarity on the HR process and increase employee satisfaction. The expectation is that half the firms will have an automated HR process. Digital technology acts as one important contributor, improving time-bound talent hunts. There will be a rapid transition with new hiring trends like referrals, social media, and online job platforms. New channels, mainly digital media, social media, and online job portals like LinkedIn and Facebook are already in the recruitment drive.

Addressing the key industrial challenges

With enterprises shifting focus on digital skills, there are multiple solutions of engagement NASSCOM recommends.

Multiple engagement solutions

  • Training the leaders: Manage the changes required in leadership thought so that digital solutions have the scope to develop leadership programs. This will include new KPIs. It will also build a robust training process and HR communication to help in leadership transformation.
  • Codefest: Conduct local and national level competitions so that technologists for digital solutions can promote awareness, skill development, and knowledge.
  • Collaborating with external partners of the industry: Work together with User Experience, Research Data and Design Thinking firms for developing solutions and skills utilizing concepts and digital services.
  • Collaborating with universities: Define skillset requirements, trainings for online technologies, and have conversation with business schools and technocrats. Collaborating with universities for defining the right technology will surely help in educating future work force.

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