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What Does ‘Graduate Employability’ Mean?


There’s been much discussion recently over whether or not there are too many graduates in the UK jobs market and if those graduates are employable, but what does that mean?

Employers have long raised concerns over the lack of graduate skills and their ability to adapt to the working environment. CIPD Chief Executive Peter Cheese has previously highlighted growing concern over the ‘basic employability skills’ of graduates entering the jobs market.

Employability defined?

There is, however, still a lack of clarity around what constitutes an ‘employable graduate’. Times Higher Education (THE) reports that most recruiters rank the top two indicators of employability as ‘professional experience’ and a ‘high degree of specialisation’. These are both criteria that can be quickly screened through HR technology according to your specific company requirements.

THE also observes that recruiters tend to rate a graduate’s employability value according to which University they have studied at. This inevitably raises concern over diversity, especially in the light of the newly published State Of The Nation Report 2016 from the Social Mobility Commission. The report reveals the extent of the barriers to social mobility in the UK.

The need for objective hiring is vital to attract the best talent, particularly in sectors such as engineering which requires double the number of graduates to meet predicted demand.