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Graduate Starting Salaries 2015: Pay Static as Rrecruitment Slows


The graduate labour market is showing signs of cooling, XpertHR research finds. UK employers have frozen graduate starting salaries for a seventh consecutive year and graduate recruitment activity is slowing down.

Levels of graduate recruitment activity are down slightly in 2015/2016 when compared with 2014/2015. Three-quarters of UK employers are seeking to recruit graduates, down from four-fifths a year ago.

The overall picture for graduate starting salaries is subdued. Seven in 10 organisations have frozen graduate starting salaries. Among the minority who have raised graduate starting salaries, the most common increase from the previous year was 2%.

The median graduate starting salary has fallen slightly. Across the whole economy, the median graduate starting salary is £23,000 for 2015/2016, down from £23,500 in 2014/2015. However, these figures are not based on a matched sample of respondents, and so may not indicate a trend over time.