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Graduates slam recruitment processes


Four specific aspects of corporate recruitment practices are infuriating graduates and damaging employer brands, claims a new study.

Assessment specialist Talent Q questioned over 500 graduates and undergraduates about their experience of applying for jobs, whilst at or soon after leaving university. The results reveal that graduates are particularly frustrated by four major flaws in organisational recruitment processes. These are:

• A lack of communication and feedback during their application process.
• Enduring a long, drawn out selection process that seems to include unnecessary ‘hoops’ for them to jump through.
• Rude, condescending or unprepared interviewers.
• Finding that the position that they’d applied for is actually quite different to the real role that’s on offer.

Only 45% of graduates say they are satisfied with the recruitment experience they have received. 11% say they have had such a bad experience from a prospective employer, when applying for a job, that it has put them off using that organisation’s products or service in the future.

“Graduates are telling us that they want a real insight into the role, an engaging and quick application process, cordial interviewers, a professional and fast selection process and they want to be kept up-to-date with correspondence and feedback,” said Steve O’Dell, UK managing director at Talent Q. “These are not unreasonable requests. Those organisations that don’t deliver these things are not only being disrespectful to their candidates, they’re damaging their employer brand.”

According to the study, 22% of graduates read other people’s recruitment experiences online, in student forums, and 70% of graduates claim that other people’s bad experiences with an organisation would put them off applying to that company for a job. 51% say negative publicity about an organisation would deter them and 42% say a long application process would put them off.