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Your Guide to Measuring Quality of Hire


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Accurate reporting on the results of your in-house recruitment activity is essential, and that means using the most relevant and effective success metrics to capture your data.

You might be already measuring time-to-hire and cost-per-hire, but are these the best indicators of successful recruitment?

Time-to-hire and cost-per-hire are relatively short-term measures of success.

These metrics show whether a recruitment campaign is efficient and cost-effective, but they don’t offer a longer term indication of ROI, nor the effect of a hire on the wider business.

Measuring quality of hire can help you examine how your HR and recruitment activity benefits other functions of the business, as new hires start contributing value to their departments.

But how do you measure something as intangible as ‘quality’?

Quantitative data – facts and stats that make an impact

Let’s start with your rate of attrition. How many of your new hires are still with you after three, six and twelve months? A low rate of attrition will demonstrate that many or all of the candidates you hired have stayed in the organisation and, presumably, settled in well.

If you’ve placed apprentices or graduates, consider measuring their conversion rate. How many of these hires have remained in the business in a permanent role? This metric can signify whether these candidates were a good cultural fit for your organisation and performed at a high standard – hence the permanent job offer.

Consider collecting data on how quickly new hires have been promoted. Although measuring this metric does take time, it can be a much more effective indicator of long-term ROI, and is therefore more compelling than cost and time-per-hire.

Qualitative data – a more in depth look at your quality of hire

A new hire’s first year PDR (Personal Development Review) can provide insight into the quality of their placement. Consider creating a scoring system, where you assign specific feedback, comments or activities a score, in order to quantify the data.  Use this as a benchmark when assessing other hires in this manner.

Issuing both the employee and the hiring manager a questionnaire can be a more transparent method of measuring quality of hire. For a more complete overview, consider asking them to complete a questionnaire soon after the candidate has been hired and again after their first 12 months in their role.

These questionnaires will also offer an insight into your recruitment and on-boarding process from two different perspectives (the applicant, and the employer). This will provide a better understanding of whether the expectations you set at interview/offer are matched when the candidate joins your organisation.

To easily compare and report on hires you might, again, consider scoring responses, or simply offer a numerical scale (e.g. 1 – 5, with 5 being excellent) for answer choices.

Whatever metrics you choose to measure your quality of hire, use this data to demonstrate the success rate of your placements in the long-term, and provide a measurable ROI in terms of HR and Recruitment’s role in the wider business.

Ultimately, high-quality hires are going to drive your business forward – so make sure you have a process in place to measure them and to promote your recruitment processes, campaigns and successes.


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