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The Guide to Social Employer Branding


How do employers know what social media updates they should be doing? How can they know what their audience thinks of these updates? What are the best-in-class employer brands doing on social?

To get some answers, I’ve spoken to everyone’s favourite Canadian in Sydney; David Brudenell, Chief Digital Officer of Universum. Listen to the interview on iTunes, SoundCloud or keep reading for a summary of our conversation. And check out Constant Contact as mentioned at the start of the podcast.

What social platforms perform best for employer branding?

At Universum we use all these platforms when we’re doing activation but I like to simplify them down into really if we made the employer brand an individual. So if they were just another human out there playing around on social media. It’s for me, Facebook is who we are as an employer brand, LinkedIn is what we do, Twitter is what we say and Instagram is what we want other people to believe we look like and how trendy we are.