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Half of Employees Seeking Flexible Working in 2020


Flexible working is the number one priority for the workforce of 2020, according to a new survey.
One in two employees value flexible working far higher than holidays and benefits (1%), job security (6%), commute time (6%) and even salary (31%).

The survey of over 800 people aged 18-65 was carried out by online recruitment company Redwigwam, which matches workers with a wide range of flexible jobs.

Asked about the potential impact of Brexit, 42% said they were worried about finding a new job, 34% were concerned about keeping their job, 17% feared having their hours reduced and 14% were afraid of being asked to work more hours.

Many people are taking on flexible jobs to bolster their personal finances: 57% take on additional work to top up their existing salary while 14% are struggling to get a full-time job and for 7% it is their only form of income.
Almost 58% of people are currently looking for other employment options for a range of reasons including the need for work to fit around their needs, returning to work after a break, part time secondary income or because they were tired of working long hours.

The survey also found that 33% of employers fear there will be a lack of available staff post-Brexit and 14% are expecting to lose existing staff.

Nearly a tenth of employers are currently looking for staff outside the EU to fill vacant roles.

While 75% claim to offer flexible working options, a quarter of the companies surveyed do not – and 38% are not looking to offer flexible working in the future.

Lorna Davidson, founder and CEO of Redwigwam, which is disrupting the recruitment sector, said:

“The survey is in line with the exponential growth of our company. We have recently hired our 100,000th worker and more than 2,500 employers have used our online platform.

“I’m not surprised that flexible working is now being viewed as a necessity. We’re standing at the start of a brand new decade and recruiters have got to understand that the workforce is ever changing and people need to be able to work around their lives.

“The days of a strict 9-5 will soon be a thing of the past. Businesses not prepared to offer flexible working are in danger of making their employees not feel valued and with the feeling that their working pattern does not fit their lifestyle.”

Redwigwam workers are aged between 16 and 90. It is the first business in the UK to pay its workers within 24 hours.

All temporary staff are treated with the same rights as full-time staff with access to holiday pay, sick pay and make their NICs and pay taxes where appropriate.


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