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Half of Manufacturing Workers Say they Miss Out on Employee Benefits


Nearly half (45%) of manufacturing workers say they miss out on workplace benefits, according to research by Benni, the innovative employee-paid workplace benefits solution. The manufacturing sector represents one of the biggest workforces in the UK, with 2.7m employees[2], yet falls way below the national average for workers who receive employee benefits (60%), according to the research.

By comparison, 78% of those who work in finance and 84% of people with work in IT & Telecoms currently say they have access to workplace benefits.

Benni’s research also found that 19% of manufacturing workers have considered leaving a job solely because of the employee benefits package on offer, with a further 22% saying they would move jobs if they found that their peers in other companies received more, or better benefits.

Kyle Addy, Voluntary Benefits Director at Benni, said:

“Access to the right benefits can have a very positive impact on morale and foster loyalty in a fluid jobs market. Our research suggests that not only is building the right benefits package across all industries key to retaining talented employees, but that workers also want access to health and protection benefits, whatever the sector.

“What’s more employees would be willing so pay for the benefits they value the most if their employers made them available.”

Nearly a fifth (19%) of manufacturing workers said that they would be willing to make a financial contribution towards protection benefit Critical Illness Insurance, as well as Life Insurance (also 19%). Dental insurance was also a popular benefit with 18% prepared to pay for this.

Benni can help employers provide a wide range of benefits and perks which are easily accessible via its user-friendly site. Employees can then choose the benefits that they value most.

Kyle Addy continues

“While Benni is primarily offers voluntary, employee-paid benefits, businesses can choose to fully or part-fund benefits, allowing them flexibility according to their own benefits strategy and budget”.


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