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Here’s Why your Candidate Experience is Failing (And How to Fix It)


As the estimated number of advertised vacancies in the UK now stands at one million, attracting and holding onto the attention of qualified candidates requires a responsive, efficient candidate experience.

Here are the most common errors that lead to a poor candidate experience – and how to fix them:-

Your careers site is letting you down

Often the most neglected part of the candidate experience, your careers site could play a pivotal role in your future hiring success. A careers page offers the opportunity for employers to create a positive first impression about your employee experience. But when that first impression is a page which bears no resemblance to your corporate site or guidance on how to apply for jobs, talent will look elsewhere. Branded, well presented career pages offer a way to ‘cut through bad data and avoid duplication’. Investment in an ATS ensures a branded site as standard and can be enhanced by insights into what it’s like to work for your business, including the latest company news and employee videos. Augmented reality has been identified by Hays Recruitment as one of the key recruitment trends for 2018, allowing HR to provide a ‘walkthrough’ of the working environment on their site. As half of job seekers reject job offers based on their prospective office space this could provide an advantage in your own hiring process.