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Here’s Why your Job Offer was Rejected


Ensuring your first choice candidates accept your job offers in 2017 will be a challenge for most UK businesses. Skills shortages remain the number one concern according to the annual CBI/Pertemps Trends Survey and candidates with scarce skills will be bombarded by offers from hiring teams eager to secure their skills.

If you’re experiencing more job offer rejections than acceptances, here are the most common reasons why – and what you can do about it:-

Salary : Indeed’s Salary Checker tool provides an instant check on the average salary for your vacancy but be prepared to go above the market rate in sectors where talent is in short supply. Following the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, employee perks such as mobile phones, company cars. workplace gym memberships and health checks will no longer be tax free. Culture, online reviews, career development opportunities, on the job training and remote or flexible working will influence your candidate’s final decision on whether or not to accept your job offer.