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Before you Hire the Perfect Candidate, Make Sure they Are!


As it gets harder for employers to hire the talent they need, the temptation to skip background checks before formally confirming a job offer may be too much to resist. Learn from the mistakes of others. Your candidate may seem perfect but it’s essential that your hiring decision is based on more than ‘gut feel’. The Risk Advisory Group reports that CV inaccuracies and ‘blatant candidate lies’ are on the rise, up to 70% in the last year. Background checks are the vital final step in your recruitment process.

The importance of background checks

As we recently highlighted, 42% of UK companies fail to carry out background checks on prospective hires but they are essential for the following reasons:-

Ensure your candidate is eligible to work : 38% of companies don’t check the right of an employee to work in the UK. The penalty for hiring an illegal worker is a maximum of£20,000 per person if you cannot prove you carried out the correct checks.