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Hiring at Geckoboard – How to Get Cultural Fit Hires


Our guest today is Paul Joyce, CEO and Co-founder of Geckoboard. He founded Geckoboard in 2010 to help businesses communicate their data in real time and in a manner that humans (like you and me) can understand easily. Currently serving thousands of customers worldwide, Geckoboard’s team spans eight time zones and is growing quickly.

Geckoboard is not only Paul’s business endeavour but also his dream of building the work place that every employee loves. Research has consistently proved that employee engagement does affect growth. With an employee NPS score of 91, Paul has accomplished what many businesses can kill for. How did he make sure that Geckoboard is the right place for every hire and every hire is the right addition to Geckoboard? In the following talk, Paul revealed his hiring and working philosophy that gets the right hires – those who provide ‘taps’ for the business instead of ‘drains.’ Listen to the podcast below, or read on to learn:

  • The kind of interview to stay away from
  • How to ensure cultural fit hires
  • What to communicate throughout the hiring process
  • What fuels employees’ happiness
  • How to maintain culture as your team grows



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