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Hiring at Impraise — The Hiring Lessons Every Startup Should Know from Day One


The number one goal of every startup is growth. That means assembling a great team as quickly as possible to push the startup up the revenue chart. Many founders who never did hiring before suddenly find themselves leading this quest for talent.

For Steffen Maier, co-founder of Impraise, the recruitment quest started out quite smoothly. “We were just working out of the living room in Los Altos, California and just hiring the people we knew. For example, Filipe knew Gabriele and Gabriele joined. That’s how we grew the first team,” says Maier.

The way the founding team of Impraise got together was also random. They met at university and saw that there were a common interest and a common goal. So they all said “Let’s just do this!” and went through Y Combinator – an amazing accelerator in Silicon Valley, where AirBnB, Stripe, and other rising-star startups also went through. Growing the team only became a pressing problem after they graduated from Y Combinator and needed to make decisions on the future of the company.