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Hiring in a State that has Legalized Marijuana


All over the country, signatures are being gathered each day in favor of legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. Right now,23 states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use and this year shows every sign of adding more states to this list.

Currently, there are six states that have a high likelihood of legalizing marijuana in 2016. Nevada, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan and California all have at least one major legalization initiative on the ballot for this year. While there are no guarantees in politics, the general trend of marijuana legalization has been picking up steam and, soon, a majority of states in the US may have legalized marijuana for medical use.

While only four states, (Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska) have legalized marijuana for recreational use, the widespread proliferation of medical marijuana has become a concern for employers. While it is still legal to fire someone for using drugs at work, the grey area for firing medical marijuana users is becoming larger and larger.



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