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Hiring Managers’ Biggest Gripes


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Inundated with responsibilities, the Hiring Manager is usually in charge of hiring, onboarding, managing, and retaining staff, taking on recruitment and HR roles in order to boast a fully-working, well-oiled business filled with happy employees. With such a long list of duties on the shoulders of Hire Managers, we at Zoho have identified some reoccurring themes, with the following existing as Hiring Managers’ biggest gripes.


Putting so much effort into searching for the right candidate, it can be rather deflating when potential recruits do not turn up for an interview. Having put time aside for the interview itself, put effort into email correspondence and having read through their CV, a no-show can be crippling for morale.

For this reason, as a Hiring Manager you must dig deeper into why people are not showing up to be interviewed. Many write to candidates and ask them to complete a questionnaire designed to obtain direct information.

Acquiring top talent quickly

With resignations and long-term illnesses often coming as huge surprises to companies, the need to acquire top talent quickly can be difficult. With most top talent, already within a post that they will need to give notice on, finding that ‘perfect replacement’ within a matter of weeks can feel almost impossible. Putting Hire Managers under pressure, the use of talent pooling tech and tools such as social media can really help.

Recruiting the wrong person

While we all know that people can exaggerate about their ability when it comes to interviews, within the first few weeks Hire Managers can identify whether candidates have overpromised. Only knowing if they have made a solid recruit once the individual has carried out certain demands of their role, finding out you have made a bad match can be underwhelming to say the least.

Complaints over pay

Many polls show that the largest number of complaints to HR are centred on pay, with workers usually knocking on the Hire Manager’s office door. While pay is the driving force behind many career moves and aspirations, many employees fail to put themselves in the shoes of the business. Being the reason why employment contracts are in place, Hire Managers must work with a certain structure when it comes to issuing pay rises; something that many fail to understand.

If you are a Hire Manager, be sure to share your top gripes with us.


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