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Is Your Hiring Strategy Ready For The Gig Economy?


The gig economy was predicted to be one of the biggest influences on the labour market in 2017 by the CIPD. A new survey this week supports this, suggesting that half of UK employers are planning to increase their use of gig economy workers by 2020. It is expected to be worth an estimated $63bn globally by 2020 and £2bn to the UK economy but is your hiring strategy prepared to successfully hire gig economy workers?

The gig economy enables HR to resource sought after skills which are often outside the scope of your ongoing business, offering access to talented professionals. These ‘open talent’ workers (as described by Deloitte) have dropped out of the traditional recruitment market and won’t respond to your usual hiring methods. 70% of gig economy workers have over 10 years of experience in their market and a growing number possess more skills and experience than permanent employees. A classic example is the growing need for skilled cybersecurity workers.

But is your hiring process ready to effectively recruit and retain these flexible workers? Here are five signs it might not be:-