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Hopes are High for the next G20 Meeting


The G20’s tenth summit in Antalya, Turkey on 15–16 November 2015 promises to be a significant success. It will promote more inclusive growth through support for youth employment, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and women’s empowerment. It will increase investment to reach the G20 goal of raising its economic growth by at least 2 percent above the beginning baseline by 2018.

In addition, it will institutionalise the G20 through a new ministerial forum for energy, an SME Forum, and a Women’s Twenty-engagement group. It will also act on the immediate political security crises of terrorism and Syrian refugees. At the core of its built-in agenda will be generating strong, sustainable, balanced and now inclusive growth, to counter the slowdown in global economic growth and trade, the recession in Russia and Brazil, and the still sluggish recovery in the advanced G7 countries. To get back on track for the 2014 Brisbane Action Plan (BAP), in the face of declining baseline growth and their own incomplete implementation, the 2015 G20 summit will promise new measures on infrastructure investment, trade, and structural reforms.