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How Can Recruiters Make More Money?


We’re fast approaching the time of the year when people ditch their New Year’s resolutions; gym bunnies are reunited with their treadmills, the outdoor smoking area is miraculously full once again and we all silently agree to stop drinking green tea in favour of our beloved coffee. This blog post is designed to prevent you from letting your work-related goals fall by the wayside, to give you some realistic tips on how to improve your billing success and ensure that when the time comes, you smash the dreaded first quarter review. Most bosses say that to make more money in recruitment you should pick up the phone – and stay on the phone. ‘I’m already on the flippin’ phone!’ I hear you scream in frustration. Put the phone down, make yourself a brew (green tea or coffee, we won’t judge), and take in some decidedly more helpful advice.

1. Focus on increasing contractors

According to figures released by The REC there were 1.2 million people out on temporary, contract or interim assignments via a recruiter in 2014/15; up 3.6% from 2013/14. That translated to every consultant specialising in temporary/contract recruitment having 32 workers out on assignment on any given day.