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How Employer Branding Can Help with Organisational Change Management


The goal of any and all employer branding programs should be to secure the full commitment of all employees, new hires and potential candidates. This “must sought after” commitment/pledge should serve as the foundational glue to help build inspirational core vision and core values toward a specified corporate goal and higher levels of customer service.  This state is especially desired in a company about to launch change management. The employer brand can help communicate the current state and lay the necessary ground work needed for educating everyone about the change ahead.

Initially, your employer brand program and processes should “unearth” how your organization is perceived from “within” and “without”. Close alignment of employees and candidate perceptions to internal realities and practices on the ground in the company will make all the difference when starting to instituting a change management program—1.) namely, close gaps that employees and employee groups have uncovered about your offerings and work place culture; and 2.) take seriously recommendations elicited from exit interviews and employee internal surveys and closely monitored internet sites which “hosts” employee opinion about the companies.  Some key questions need to be asked, such as:  How is the organization perceived by everyone inside the company? What is our image in the marketplace for new talent? How willing are our people for organizational change?  How reluctant are our people to change? How will change impact our company overall?

In sum, use of all of your employer brand channels to publicize the agenda surrounding your change management program is critical. Take the pulse of the organization via your employer brand program and involve your CEO and senior managers in delivering key messages about change management through your employer brand programs and outlets.