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How Graduate Fasttrack Saw ROI from its Lead Generation Activity in just Nine Weeks


Graduate Fasttrack has been a market-leading graduate recruiter since 2003, helping thousands of graduates find their ideal job within sales and recruitment. Its clients range from small start-ups to large FTSE businesses, so there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach the organisation can take.

In need of a tool that would help the Business Development team increase lead generation, Cognism, the end-to-end sales acceleration platform powered by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, was selected to create a strategised approach to signing new business.

Ciaran North, Head of Business Development, Graduate Fasttrack, explains:

“We had heard of Cognism previously but wanted to make sure we had found the right business to work with, which became clear very quickly. The problem we had previously was that we were spending far too much time researching and trying to find new business. We didn’t have an identified approach, it was more about jumping on as many websites as we could to give us as much data we could find. It wasn’t strategic at all.”

Alice Barber, Senior Customer Success Manager, Cognism, adds:

“When we first engaged with the Graduate Fasttrack team, they were looking for a tool to help them with their business development. They wanted to build upon the amount of prospects they had quite quickly, so we knew our platform would really help them with that.”

A fast demonstration of ROI

After implementation, the Business Development team quickly understood how to use the platform to deliver true business benefits.

Ciaran continues:

“For me, the biggest thing was that after just a half-hour demo, I understood how it worked and what it would give us at the end. It was such an efficient platform that we jumped at the chance to use it.”

And, after just nine weeks of using Cognism’s Revenue AI platform, Graduate Fasttrack had already seen a return on its investment.

“It was incredibly rapid in providing revenue for us as a business, which was essential for us. There were a number of benchmarks for us to measure against, but the easiest one for us to look at was the number of meetings booked; it’s always been the bottom line for our Business Development team. Since engaging with Cognism, the number of meetings rose to 3.8 per week, which at first we thought wouldn’t last and was too good to be true. We were proved wrong very quickly!”

The increase in the number of meetings booked was not the only benefit seen, as two new clients were already signed in December, just 4 months into the relationship with Cognism, which, as Ciaran explains, has historically been the worst month for new business. “December has always been a really quiet month for us, so to sign two new clients was amazing. Cognism has also directly affected our projected growth this year; it’s much higher than we initially thought possible.”

A collaborative approach

At the start of the relationship, Cognism’s Customer Success team and Graduate Fasttrack’s Business Development Team worked closely together to build a strategy of what the campaigns should include and how they should be targeting companies.

Alice explains:

“As soon as the campaigns were up and running, they were quickly able to track what the campaigns were achieving, including read rates, click rates and reply rates, to see how effectively the campaigns were functioning. Our innovative approach of using Revenue AI to maximise revenue generation has really helped to build Graduate Fasttrack’s sales pipeline to manage the peaks of demand throughout the year.”

Ciaran concludes:

“We used to spend a lot of effort finding data on specific companies and people, pulling together the right information and finding the best way to contact them. Now, we are saving so much time; half of my week used to be spent doing what Cognism’s platform is able to do in seconds. It’s also increased the avenues we have been able to explore for our business development, opening up a lot of new ways that we wouldn’t have thought of before. It’s like having someone do your lead generation for you, which I never thought would be possible!”


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