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How Social Media Can Positively Impact Your Recruitment Company Culture


Paul Armstrong, Managing Director of Reactive Recruitment

Social media is no longer only a platform for people to highlight their personal adventures, it has made its way into the world of work in a big way. An increasing amount of industries are realising the positive impact social media can have in terms of advertising, engagement and keeping up with competitors. Paul Armstrong of Reactive Recruitment explores four ways to best utilise social media for your company.

Discover New Candidates:

Social media offers a fast and effective way to promote different jobs and is particularly useful for the recruitment industry. It enables recruiters to post several job opportunities at the click of a button and headhunt candidates for clients. Encouraging employees to like, share and post their own content will increase brand awareness.

Create Social Media Platforms:

Make sure to have all company platforms open to the public, having an open page will help increase online networking and brand recognition. The main platforms to use are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, the most important one to focus on for work is LinkedIn. There are also platforms such as ‘Google Handouts’ that allow all speakers to communicate virtually, this improves the communication throughout your company.

Online Surveys

These are a fantastic and fast method for finding answers to unanswered questions and for discovering customers needs and wants. Don’t just use online surveys to focus on customers expectations, use it to receive employee feedback. Inform your team that everything will be confidential, this is important to truly gain an insight into their thoughts on certain issues.

Training Strategies

People are still trained face to face, but social media has brought an entire new meaning to training in the workplace. Virtual methods are starting to overtake the traditional way and for good reason. It enables the training to discuss and learn at a time that suits them, is time-efficient for managers who won’t have to spend as much time helping the new employee.

Even though social media advertising can seem time-consuming, it’s very important to heighten publicity, keeping up with competitors and expanding your business. Remember, when done right social media can really benefit your business as it is a representation of your company values.