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How to Ask for More Recruiting Budget in 2016


All of us want more budget: Your CFO, your logistics manager, and even your mom could use a few extra bucks to make the world an easier place.

It’s one thing to want more money to do your job with greater efficiency; it’s another thing to ask and receive the cash needed to expand your operations, acquire new technology, and undo the reactionary hiring methodologies that were implemented during the Great Recession.

But how do you ask for extra money when your leaders are focused on increasing margins and achieving double-digit growth?

Here are some ideas.

Ask with a purpose.

Jennifer McClure has written extensively on the techniques behind building a business case. Beyond her incredible advice — which you should read — you need to be specific. Do you need to budget for an increase in search fees? Are you interested in acquiring new recruitment technology? Can you partner with another department to offset the budgetary impact to your department? Make a purpose-driven request and link your actions to the mission, vision, and bottom-line results of your organization.