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How to Avoid Getting Lost in (Recruitment) Space


With recruitment moving increasingly online, and the number of job boards steadily growing, the question for recruiters and job board hosts is no longer whether they should be online – but how to stand out?

In both the offline space and the ‘managed’ online space (for example, website and social media), companies work hard on building an employer brand that informs customers and candidates of their ethos.

Yet, when it comes to online recruitment, this carefully-built branding can be lost in the restrictive format of some job boards; even though they are exactly where it is needed the most. Job boards are the perfect environment for increasing candidate exposure to a company’s image, and these candidates are potentially a completely new audience. Therefore it is crucial to utilise your chosen board’s potential for communication.

Jobs boards using Madgex software can offer a wide range of job and recruiter benefits not found elsewhere. This does include increasing a listing’s prominence, as premium listings have been found to be some of the most successful ways of increasing visibility, views and applications for a job advert. But there are other features which help companies communicate their brand to potential candidates.