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How to Create a Powerful Candidate Engagement Strategy


Candidates: every company wants to source and attract the best. Any less would be a dangerous commercial compromise. So, how do you do it? What steps must you take to ensure that you engage with the top talent in your field? Simple; a powerful candidate engagement strategy. But what is a powerful candidate engagement strategy? A five point plan for getting and retaining the attention of your chosen pool of professionals, and here’s ours:

1. Your Public Face

First impressions count. It takes less than a second for someone to form an initial opinion of your company (study by the Missouri University of Science and Technology) and only a further 2.6 seconds for that initial impression to be reinforced. That doesn’t give you much time, so make your first impressions count. A beautifully crafted website that doesn’t overwhelm your potential candidates is your starting point. It’s the first place that any prospective employee will visit, shortly followed by your social networks. Your website MUST be user friendly, easy to navigate, and leave visitors having had a pleasurable interaction with your online presence – consider a user’s experience when they visit you site. Ensure perfection (visually and with the message your company conveys) and make sure your first impressions count.