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How to Find Recruitment Agency Clients using Twitter


Many recruitment consultants are using Linkedin and Facebook for search clients and today I would like to touch based on how Twitter can really help a recruitment consultant to hunt and look for new clients effectively.

Twitter is a micro-blog of Facebook itself and it is can be very targeted if you know what you are doing. I can target all the Managing Director in Singapore or even CEO in Singapore if you know how to do it. Of course if you want to target human resource personnel, it also can be done. The question is you must know how to do it.

The main advantage of Twitter is that it is under-utilised in Singapore and many people are not even in Twitter yet, not even heard about it. However interestingly some high flyers are using it for their own person expression platform. Imagine if you are the only recruitment consultant to approach them and you will have no competition at all! That will be very very very interesting.