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How to Find the Right People in a Skills Shortage Sector


Here at Evander, we employ a large number of skilled labourers, many of whom have multiple skillsets. Our home improvement, repair, and emergency response services require trained locksmiths, carpenters, window and garage door fitters, glaziers and surveyors, to name but a few. Of course, finding skilled workers who are trained and up-to-date on industry best-practice, as well as the specific rules and regulations surrounding home improvements, can be a challenge. Any company operating in this sector is likely to say the same — that there is an issue with finding employees who have these important skills.

As the UK economy moves into a more settled phase than we have experienced over the last few years, this shortage of skilled workers has become more apparent. Since the crash in 2008, the home improvement industry took a downwards turn because people did not have the spare cash to spend on their properties. What’s more, due to the slump in the housing market, people were less inclined to make voluntary home improvements due to a potentially poor return. Now that the UK is moving out of this particularly challenging phase, demand is increasing for the work that we do, and our demand for skilled employees has risen with it.