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How to Make New Hires Feel Welcome


If you’ve stepped into any workplace in the past few years, you’ll notice a stark difference from the office space of last century. It used to be nose to the grindstone, all work and no play. But the office scene today is the new social scene.

That’s not to say that employees aren’t working any harder. In fact, they’re more productive and innovative today than ever. And the faster your office embraces a company culture that is more social in nature, the better you’ll be able to capitalize on employee retention.

And there’s no better way to start than to make your new hires feel welcome.

Greeting. Before a new hire’s start date, designate someone on the team to take them under their wing the first day. That may be you, their counterpart or the office manager. Whoever it is, this person is dedicated to making sure new hires know how to dress, find the bathroom and what is expected from them on both a professional and social level.