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How to Use Your Twitter Analytics for Social Recruiting


Employers have reported that using social media to source candidates has improved candidate quality by 49 percent. The big three social networking sites used to source and attract talent are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn takes the lead at 93 percent of companies using it for recruiting purposes, followed by Facebook (66%) and Twitter (54%). However, is it Twitter’s time to shine in social recruiting? Well, the release of Twitter Analytics just may be the social recruiting game changer.

Now available to everyone, whether you have a Twitter Ad account or not, Twitter Analytics allows any user to access a dashboard of pertinent data. The best thing about this new feature from Twitter: it’s free and easy to access.

Let’s take a look at how Twitter Analytics works, what it provides and how recruiters can get the most out of their social recruiting strategy with the least used network of the top three.

How it Works

If you’re already logged into your Twitter account you’ll automatically be enrolled. The Twitter Analytics dashboard is capable of showing you data compiled from two sources: your tweets and your followers. Both are useful to your social recruiting efforts, but for very different reasons. So pay attention to the following: