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How to Wipe Out Spam in Your Employee Referral Program


Spam, spam, spam! These words don’t just refer to a Monty Python sketch anymore. Spam is alive and well in your employee referral program and it could be clogging up a highly beneficial recruitment method.

What I mean by “spam” is this: Although you may have ample participants in a referral program, they could be delivering candidates who are either unqualified or completely unfit for the position — and doing so en masse. This not only congests the employee referral program process, but takes away the many benefits the program can offer.

The only thing spam is good with is eggs, bacon, and more spam. So, if you’re ready to get rid of it in your employee referral program, here are some long-term solutions:

Create detailed job descriptions 

It’s highly likely you aren’t being clear in your job descriptions. If referrers are misguided from the get-go, it makes complete sense that they’re spamming your employee referral program with the wrong candidates because the “directions” are off.