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How to Write a Good Job Description


Are you having trouble filling that open position at your company, even though you’ve got everything a candidate could want in an employer? The problem may not be you: It’s probably your job description.

“Recruiting is a selling process, and people have options,” said Adam Robinson, CEO of applicant tracking system Hireology. “You need to have a job description that’s built for the audience that’s consuming it. Look at the description as a marketing opportunity.”

Companies sometimes miss out on some of the best job candidates because the job description isn’t engaging enough, Robinson said. If the description is boring, the candidate will view that as a reflection of the company. Another common issue is a flood of unqualified applicants because of an overly broad job description.

“When companies experience an overabundance of candidates for a certain role, it’s probably because the description is way too broad,” he told Business News Daily. “If you’re getting the ‘wrong’ candidates, test the language of your job description. It will cut down the workload [for you] is people know from the description whether the job is a good fit.”