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What Does a Hung Parliament Mean for HR


The UK woke up to an election result that nobody anticipated a few weeks ago. Called on the premise that it would give the government a greater mandate for Brexit negotiations, the UK now faces a hung parliament. Whatever shape the new government takes over the next few days and weeks, these are the considerations for HR:-


Brexit negotiations are scheduled to begin in 10 days’ time. The prospect of a hard Brexit appears to be in some doubt but either way, hiring teams are already struggling to secure the talent their business needs. Earlier this week the CIPD called for the creation of smarter hiring strategies to address the potential impact of Brexit. This must be a priority for HR. The Conservatives promised to reduce immigration and double the immigration skills charge for all businesses employing migrant workers. Whether either of these new laws will come into effect in this Parliament is now uncertain.

Zero hours contracts

As part of its manifesto, the Conservatives promised to provide more protection for workers’ rights, specifically in response to issues raised by the Uber ruling. No comments have been made on this issue as yet but the results of a review into working practices surrounding the gig economy is expected in the near future.