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Imagine a World Without Recruiting Software


Finding the best talent for your business requires robust hiring processes supported by technology, as we repeatedly recommend on this blog. But what would the world of HR look like without recruiting software?  Filling your vacancy might look a little like this …

Somewhere in Excel :  Your advert is posted on a number of job boards and social media, the usual sites, although there’s no data to confirm what ‘usual’ is and you’re not sure exactly where the files are for the last few job posts. But there’s no need to panic. The information you need is somewhere in Excel.

Meeting the criteria : Job applications flood your Inbox. One week after the closing date HR allocates the time to review CVs. The working day becomes an endless queue of CVs as you attempt to evaluate which applicants possess the right qualifications, demonstrate an appropriate ‘track record’ and meet the criteria required for an interview. 105 CVs later, you’re no longer sure what any of that means. Did someone say ‘applicant tracking software’?