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The Importance of Candidate Feedback


Four out of five candidates attending interview receive no feedback if their application isn’t successful.

This revelation promoted careeres app Debut to launch its recent Fight For Feedback campaign to make it a legal requirement for employers to offer post-interview feedback to unsuccessful candidates.

Irrespective of the outcome of this campaign, providing feedback offers a number of benefits to your hiring process, including:-

  • It enhances your relationship with close match candidates who can be transferred into your talent pool and considered for future vacancies.
  • Your reputation as an employer is directly linked to the quality of applicants attracted to your vacancies. Candidates rejected without explanation are quick to share their experiences of your company on social media. Glassdoor’s newly published candidates’ choice of the Best Places To Interview 2017 emphasises the importance of a positive brand.
  • In a competitive job-hoarding, candidate-driven market it enhances your overall candidate experience.