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What does the Increase in Job Dissatisfaction Mean for Recruitment?


Kevin Brady - CIT WorldwideThe latest Employee Outlook, published this month by CIPD and Halogen Software, has raised concern among employers and HR departments having revealed that an increasing number of employees are looking for work elsewhere.

Nearly one in four workers in the survey were found to be seeking a new position due to being dissatisfied with their current role – a thirty month low. This compares to just one in five six months ago.

However, the sense of doom and gloom isn’t shared by everyone.

AdView’s Kevin Brady told us:

“It’s the sign of a health economy for workers to be switching jobs frequently for higher wages or to develop career progression.

“Analysis from the Resolution Foundation shows this is particularly the case with younger workers. Therefore I’m not convinced that this report spells economic disaster by any means.

“However, with the talk that the uncertainty surrounding Brexit is causing some employers to delay advertising vacancies, there’s the potential that a larger amount of jobseekers could be, for the short-term at least, competing for a smaller pool of jobs.

How then can employers protect themselves if staff are looking for work elsewhere?

Mr Brady continued:

“Whilst job switching can be beneficial to the overall economy, in certain instances businesses can miss out on the top talent. Companies can also have a difficult time replacing staff if they decide to leave unexpectedly.

“Employers and HR departments need to do what they can within their means to create working conditions that attract and keep the best talent. At the same time they need make sure they have some kind of provision in place in the event of employees moving on.

“In industries with a high turnover of staff it makes sense to hire some contractors or freelancers to safeguard against employees who work in-house finding employment elsewhere.

“It’s no surprise to me that some 6% of the vacancies on AdView have the word ‘contractor’ in the job description.”