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Innovative New Platform to Transform Decision Making for HR Directors


A new online platform for HR directors is harnessing the power of big data to help companies make informed strategic decisions.

Called Stratigens, the platform has just been launched by external talent intelligence provider Talent Intuition, who have partnered with technology developers and consultants OJO Solutions on the project.

By pulling together data points from the global talent market, it can inform location decisions, expansion plans or highlight where consolidation would be most commercially effective, based on the available skills base in a location.

With UK employment at a record high, sourcing talented employees has become a major consideration for growing businesses who need a well-equipped workforce with the right industry skills in order to fuel growth either in the UK or overseas.

Now, Stratigens will give HR directors a new way of analysing labour market intelligence, allowing them to make informed decisions based on a true understanding of skills supply and demand.

Alison Ettridge, CEO of Talent Intuition, and the driving force behind Stratigens said:

“Stratigens is a labour market analytics platform that continually collates unbiased data from thousands of sources on the supply and demand of skills and HR data globally.

“In a world where companies in every sector are facing disruption, it’s a highly competitive skills market. Therefore, it’s vital to have continuous access to talent intelligence to keep the business a step ahead.

“Business winners are defined by their use of internal data and their ability to leverage external talent data to drive decision-making and sustain competitive advantage.”

Developers at OJO Solutions, based in Wiltshire, specialise in digital transformation – helping clients to deliver revolutionary projects by offering expert advice, website building and app development.

They have created Stratigens to provide access to labour market analytics from more than 1,350 data sources in a user-friendly format. It allows HR directors to compare external talent data by location, creating interactive reports which can be downloaded, shared and commented on by others.

Managing Director Nathan Baranowski said:

“The new Stratigens app is harnessing the power of big data to give HR teams an exciting new tool, allowing them to see, at the click of a button, where the best talent markets lie.

“This technology will not only create a competitive advantage for businesses, it will allow them to make smart, strategic decisions based on detailed information which can’t be accessed via a normal web search.

“As developers, we want to use technology to help businesses reach their goals in a new, transformational way, enabling them to grow and mature. The new Stratigens platform is a great example of this in action.”


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