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Inside the Millennial Mind: What Your Future Workforce Really Values


If you’re looking to recruit a young workforce, you’ve probably been hit over the head with articles and research about the supposed work preferences of the Millennial generation (not to mention their other cliched traits). While some exploration of this group’s general mindset about the employee experience is dead on, getting too hung up on such assumptions can stifle your recruiting efforts.

Who better to ask about Millennial workplace habits than those who are actually in that age group? That was the idea behind Bentley University’s latest report on Millennial Minds, part of The PreparedU Project. Over 1,000 ages 18-34 were surveyed about their own preparedness for professional life, and the findings may surprise you…

The one that blew us away was that the survey was able to dispel the notion that this generation likes to job hop and lacks loyalty. In fact, just the opposite is true: 80 percent of Millennials believe they’ll work for four or fewer companies in their lifetime.