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International Recruitment: A 12 Month Round Up!


As you may know, Recruitment Buzz has been around for a year this month and so to mark the occasion, we wanted to bring you the top 10 stories from each industry area. So from the best Social Media articles to the most interesting Technology pieces, there is something for everyone in recruitment!

Below, we have compiled a list of the most-read International recruitment stories for you to take a look at – did you miss any?



1) The UK’s Best and Worst Jobs revealed

Miners and Couriers are the worst occupations in the UK according to the latest research from job search engine Translators and Web Developers were crowned as the best jobs of 2013. Doctors and Pilots suffer the most stress at work, while Travel Agents and Supermarket Cashiers have the worst outlook for 2014.

The study, conducted in September 2013, analysed over 2,000 job titles to highlight the best, worst, most stressful and most promising jobs in the UK. Each job title was scored based on 25 different criteria including earning potential, working conditions, competitiveness, unemployment rates and job security. These scores were then combined to produce an overall list of the top 10 best and worst jobs in the UK.

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2) Oddball Interviews Exposed: 20 of the Craziest Questions

I’m sure we are all familiar with the BBC Three programme, The Call Centre, by now; especially the strange and slightly crazy interview process.  But for those of you who haven’t watched the show, the CEO of the Swansea centre, Nev Wilshire’s mantra is “Happy people sell” and of course, his interview process enforces this.

His off-the-wall interviews include a compulsory sing-along to The Killers’ Mr Brightside. The logic behind this? – Because “happy people sing, it lifts your spirits.” It’s safe to say however, that the candidates certainly don’t look thrilled by the prospect of serenading their potential employer; they mostly look embarrassed.

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3) Top 5 Global Recruiting Trends

The world is a huge place, within this big wide world is the quite large world of recruitment…

This infographic highlights the trends of Recruitment this year; one takeaway from this infographic is that a massive 87% believe that they have not adequately invested in making their recruiting process mobile friendly – for more of the latest trends, read on…

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4) Top 10 weirdest student recruitment campaigns

In these harsh economic times, companies are going to any lengths to catch the eye of university graduates.

Some go to extremes to stand out and have come up with a few downright strange recruitment campaigns.

Here are the some of the weird and wacky stunts they’ve pulled so far this year..

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5) Recruiting in Germany – Global and Local Perspectives

An Interview with Kai Deininger:

Kai Deininger is one of our International speakers at the European Job Board Summit 2012 . He has been involved with the German Recruitment Market for over 15 years, not only working at management level for Job Pilot, Monster and LinkedIn, he has also consulted to organisations such as Experteer. Kai is one of ecom digital’s partners in Germany and is supporting our clients with the often difficult task of recruiting in Germany.

At the European Job Board Summit, Kai will be speaking about the German Job Board Market and what the German jobseeker is up to today. He will deliver insights in to key differences between the German Job Board Market and the UK’s and also tackle the subject of social media and the impact it is having and how Job Boards are reacting.

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6) The Best Job Boards in Germany

On the 25th September at the HRM Conference in Cologne, Germany the “Best Job Board in Germany” was awarded to With over 1,800 job boards in Germany, this prestigious piece of research provides both Job Seekers and Recruiters with help in understand the relative merits of the job boards measured.

The award was based on research amongst 20,000 candidates and 1,500 employers, the categories included;

– Best Generalist Job Board
– Best Niche/Specialist
– Best Search Engine.

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ruth steven

7) Are you ready for when Britain runs out of workers?

During a period when we are being bombarded with reports of continuing economic doom, threats of a triple-dip recession and rising unemployment as young people struggle to enter the job marketplace, suggestions of an imminent workforce shortage may seem incongruous.  Employers should surely be more concerned about quality, rather than quantity, of applicants?  Building a compelling EVP that attracts and engages with the target audience and resonates with the existing workforce is therefore likely to be embedded in the resourcing strategy of most businesses.  Whether it has been fully embraced by all, or perceived by some as akin to the emperor’s new clothes, the concept of the Employer Brand has been the subject of much discussion.

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8) Poor Candidate Experience Declared Illegal

A Presidential Executive Order [C-22] was issued today requiring the end of the Candidate ‘Black Hole’ and demanding full transparency from US corporations about their recruiting process.

President Obama, after 3 years deliberation has ended the so-called ‘black hole’ for candidates with a sweeping executive order that requires:

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9) Employment situation in Europe

Italy occupies the third place among the Countries of the Eurozone as far as the lowest employment rate is concerned. It is preceded only by Greece and Spain. According to the last OECD figures, in Italy the percentage of employed people has fallen, between the third and the fourth quarter of 2012, from 56.8% to 56.5%. While, in Spain and Greece the employment rate stands, respectively, at 54.6% and 50.4%. The most critical situation affects young people (15-24 years). If we consider the youth employment rate, Italy is in antepenultimate position, with 17.9%. Taillights, once again, Spain (16.9%) and Greece (12.3%).

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10) Where are the 10 hottest job markets going to be in 2020?

The world of employment seems to be moving so fast at the moment, it is sometime hard to keep up. I think both Companies and Recruitment Organisations actually need a pair of crystal balls (so to speak!) to be able to keep up – one to help them understand what is happening in three months time, and the other for some genuine insight into global trends for the years ahead.

So what about that second crystal ball then –  the future. Now some of you (more likely recruitment companies) might not even given a damn about future recruitment trends and talent dynamics, focusing on the here and now. I get that and that is fine, until you realise that actually your clients are already doing that and looking at talent flows and mobile workforces, and what that means for their future employees. You are probably recruiting people that are going to be involved in these conversations when they work for your clients – maybe it might be worth taking note of global trends?

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